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Basic Infrastructure Support Mechanism (BISM)


24 July, 2023

The Nita M. Lowey Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA)- People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund Grants Activity

The Nita M. Lowey Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA) promotes economic cooperation, people-to-people peacebuilding programs, and advances shared community building, peaceful coexistence, dialogue and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Partner Resources

USAID utilizes various acquisition and assistance instruments to implement its activities. Contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and purchase orders are some of the instruments which are negotiated and signed by USAID West Bank/Gaza. These mechanisms provide a variety of commodities and technical assistance to support the Mission's objectives. If your organization is interested in partnering with USAID West Bank/Gaza on specific opportunities, please visit for assistance and for acquisitions. For general guidance on working with USAID, please visit

Contractor and Grantee Notices

The Contractor and Grantee Notices below provide updates and general information regarding changes in policy, security and other directives that are issued by the Contracting Officer or Mission Director. If you cannot access or open the notices below, please contact your Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR) or Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).

List of available active Contractor and Grantee Notices:

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