To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza (WBG) Implementing Partners

Subject: Taylor Force Act (See 22 USC 2378c-1(a)(1))

Dear Implementing Partners,

This notice serves as a reminder to all Implementing Partners on the importance of your compliance with 22 USC 2378c-1(a)(1), otherwise called the “Taylor Force Act.” The Taylor Force Act, signed into law as part of FY 2018 Appropriations Act, limits USAID’s ability to provide assistance - using Economic Support Fund (ESF) funds - that confers a “direct benefit” to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

For purposes of awareness and coordination, Implementing Partners may discuss approved USAID activities with PA representatives. However, if other forms of engagement are contemplated, please contact your COR/AOR to discuss the nature of the anticipated PA engagement to ensure compliance with the Act.

Please remember that all expenditures of USAID/WBG ESF funding must be in compliance with the Taylor Force Act to be considered allowable.

Furthermore, this notice also serves to inform Implementing Partners that the following provision will be formally incorporated into your contract/grant in an upcoming modification:

"22 USC 2378c-1(a)(1) TAYLOR FORCE ACT
During performance of this agreement the Contractor/Recipient shall comply with the limitation on use of funds in the "Taylor Force Act" (See 22 USC 2378c-1(a)(1)). This provision flows down to all subcontractors or subgrantees."

Should you have any questions on the above please contact your COR/AOR or point of contact in OCM.

West Bank and Gaza Partner Notices