To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Implementing Partners

Subject: Sub-Award Reporting Requirements


Dear Implementing Partners,

Per WBG Implementing Partner Notice No. 2012-WBG-02 dated February 9, 2012 (see attached), USAID requires implementing partners to submit a monthly report (on the 5th of each month) identifying all subawards executed during the prior month. Please refer to the attached notice for detailed instructions.

As communicated in the recent Mission Order 21 training session on November 9, 2021, implementing partners are reminded to continue sending their monthly subaward report to the Program Support Unit (PSU); however, implementing partners must also copy their respective Contracting/Agreement Officer’s Representative (COR/AOR). As previously instructed, your organization must attach copies of the Anti-Terrorism Certifications (ATCs) to the monthly subaward report for those assistance awards made during that particular period of the report. Please note, the ATC must be signed by the sub-awardee and must be dated prior to executing the subaward by your organization.

As a reminder of Mission Order 21 requirements, please refer to section VI. Anti-Terrorism Certification (ATC), which states:

"The ATC requirement applies to the prime recipients of grants and cooperative agreements and the recipients of Grants Under Contracts (GUCs). The requirement for prime recipients and recipients of GUCs also includes assistance instruments in any the extent such instruments are used as obligating documents to provide assistance. In addition, USAID/WBG has extended USAID's policy to apply the requirement to the first level of subgrantees receiving cash assistance under grants and cooperative agreements (Grants Under Grants, or GUGs) or any other assistance instrument regardless of its form. Thus, the ATC applies to all first-tier and GUC assistance recipients and all second-tier assistance recipients of cash assistance, but it does not apply to lower-tier recipients."

"The ATC applies only to the non-governmental organizations that receive awards of cash or in-kind assistance. It does not apply to: 1) individuals, 2) public international organizations, 3) the host government..., 4) contractors, or 5) subcontractors."

Any questions regarding this notice or any aspect of the subaward reporting can be addressed to

West Bank and Gaza Partner Notices