TO: All USAID/West Bank & Gaza (WBG) Implementing Partners.

Subject:  No Contact Policy.

This serves as a reminder of the critical importance of full compliance with USAID mandatory standard provisions and clauses concerning contact with Designated Terrorist Organizations (DTO).

All contact with DTOs is prohibited, and because of the governance situation in Gaza, please be on notice that the WBG mission has a No Contact Policy. In accordance with USAID/WBG’s special mandatory provision titled ‘PROHIBITION AGAINST SUPPORT FOR TERRORISM’ as well as, Mandatory Provision M.14: PREVENTING TRANSACTIONS WITH, OR THE PROVISION OF RESOURCES OR SUPPORT TO, SANCTIONED GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS (MAY 2020), please adhere to the following guidelines if contacted by an entity controlled by a DTO:

  • Be polite, but minimize the contact. Contact means any meeting, telephone conversation, or other communication, whether oral or written. Contractors and grantees should use their best efforts to ensure that meetings, ceremonies and other events they arrange do not include prohibited DTO individuals.
  • Do not provide information or release records.
  • Post your annual reports etc. on your website and refer them to the information on the site.
  • Do not pay any taxes, fees, levies etc. to the De Facto Authorities (DFAs) using USG funds.

If you have questions or need clarifications about whether an individual is affiliated with or under the control of a DTO, submit them to USAID for further review on a case-by-base basis.

Should you have any questions regarding this communication, please do not hesitate to contact your Agreement/Contracting Officer’s Representative or the cognizant Contracting/Agreement Officer for further information.

West Bank and Gaza Partner Notices