To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Contractors, Grantees and Recipients

Subject: Implementing Partner Notice - Two Changes in Implementation Practices under Mission Order 21- Minimum Threshold for Sub-Award Reporting of Informal Contracts and Change in Interpretation of "Third Country" for Training, Study Tour and Invitational Travel- CORRECTED COPY

Dear Implementing Partners,

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of two changes to the Mission's implementation of vetting practices under Mission Order 21, effective July 6, 2016.

Sub-Award Reporting

Implementing Partners will no longer be required to report "informal contracts" under $500 on their monthly sub-award reports. "Informal contracts" are oral agreements and purchases for which receipts/invoices may be issued, such as groceries, taxi rides, or hotel reservations, but do not detail formal terms of service and, thus, do not require the inclusion of the mandatory provisions listed in Mission Order 21. Any "informal contracts" in excess of $500, however, must continue to be reported. Implementing Partners are required to continue to report all "formal sub-awards" regardless of the dollar value. "Formal sub-awards" are written terms of agreement or services, to include sub-grants and sub-contracts, which must incorporate the mandatory provisions of Mission Order 21. Implementing Partners are reminded of the additional sub-awards reporting guidelines contained in Partners Notice 2012-WBG-02, dated February 9, 2012.

"Third Country" Training, Study Tours and Invitational Travel

For purposes of training, study tours, or invitational travel, Israel will no longer be treated as a third country, but instead, consistent with the Mission's source and nationality guidelines, Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza will now be treated as one1• With this change, Israel and East Jerusalem will now be treated the same as the West Bank and Gaza- i.e. vetting will be required of trainees attending a training within Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza only if the training lasts more than five consecutive work days (regardless of the number of hours of training on each day) and vetting will not otherwise be required for invitational travel within Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Banlc and Gaza.

You may direct any questions regarding this Notice to Ripon Zaman, Chehade Khouny or Rona Younis at 



1 Per Mission Order 21, Section V.A.(3), "vetting applies to the following organizations and individuals: Non-US individuals for whom USAID finances (a) training, study tour, or invitational travel in the U.S. or third countryregardless of duration."


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