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Jordan has made significant progress establishing state institutions, preserving tolerance and religious pluralism, promoting economic growth, and increasing social welfare. Life expectancy at birth increased from 52.6 years in 1960 to 74.3 in 2016. Gross domestic product per capita increased from $511 in 1965 to $4,129 in 2017.

Regional instability on Jordan’s borders has burdened Jordanian society and contributed to domestic unease. The conflicts in Syria and Iraq led to influxes of more than one million refugees, which contributed to the doubling of Jordan’s population since 2000 to 10 million people. This dramatic population growth strained labor markets, increased the cost of living, and significantly affected the quality and availability of water, healthcare, and education. Trade with Iraq and Syria, Jordan’s historic primary trading partners, remains severely restricted. These external and internal challenges resulted in a decade of low growth that left the country with a debt-to-GDP ratio of over 88 percent and unemployment rates for youth and recent college graduates of nearly 50 percent and 23 percent, respectively. The COVID-19 pandemic has further taxed already stretched service delivery systems and threatened the country’s economic stability. 

USAID works with the government and people of Jordan to help the country continue advancing on its journey to self-reliance by creating private sector-led inclusive economic opportunities for a healthy, well-educated population, improving water security, increasing citizen-state trust, and reducing barriers for women and youth.

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USAID/Jordan Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS)

Call for Partnership Concepts Creating Private Sector-led Economic Opportunities for A Healthy, Well-educated Population and Improved Water Security, Citizen-state Trust, and Participation of Women And Youth in Jordan

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