USAID Holds School Construction Projects to the Highest Standards

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022
The highest health and safety standards help prevent accidents and achieve a Zero-Injury Target goal.

USAID expects the highest Health Safety & Environment standards during the construction of their school-funded Programs in Jordan. The safety of the people on the sites, or in the vicinity of the sites, should never be compromised.  

USAID’s Engineering Consultants closely follow standards at the construction sites and as a result the Contractors’ performance is continuously improving.  Deep excavations, especially when adjacent to existing buildings, need a proper shoring system to prevent soil collapse and serious accidents.  The use of proper and safe scaffolds especially when working at heights is key to ensuring the workers’ and those in the surrounding community safety.  All workers are required to wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and conduct good housekeeping so as not to obstruct the vehicles and workers’ movement.  The capping of steel reinforcement protruding bars with safety caps prevents the risk of impalement. These and other safety requirements are all enforced by the USAID Engineering Consultants. 

Finally, and while the COVID pandemic is still a threat, precautions are taken in compliance with the Government guidance to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 such as; taking the body temperature when checking-in the sites, applying social distancing where possible, sanitizing hands and wearing masks.

USAID and their implementing partners are proud of their initiatives to improve the health and safety at school construction sites.  Strict enforcement and interactive Workshops and Training Sessions for the Site Engineers have all helped improve compliance.  Implementation has been followed up through continuous site visits and reporting.   

Last updated: April 08, 2022

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