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Addendum Jordan No. 72027821APS00001

Issuance Date: March 7, 2021
Closing Date for Concepts: December 31, 2023

UNDER EXISTING GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE ANNUAL PROGRAM STATEMENT (APS) No. APS-OAA-21-00001 This program is authorized in accordance with Part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended.

Through this Addendum to the 2020-2023 Global Development Alliance (GDA) Annual Program Statement (APS) No. APS-OAA- 21-00001 (the GDA APS) , USAID/Jordan is making a special call for the submission of Concepts that will advance the Development Objectives (DOs) and Intermediate Results (IRs) of the USAID/Jordan Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2020-2025.

The purpose of this Addendum is to further encourage and facilitate partnerships with Jordanian private sector firms and to establish and describe criteria for partnering with USAID/Jordan. USAID seeks to develop new and innovative public-private partnerships (GDAs) with the private sector1 that are based and built upon the complementary or overlapping interests and objectives of USAID and the private sector toward the achievement of the following Development Objectives (DOs):

  • DO1: Inclusive Private Sector-Led Growth
  • DO2: Jordan’s Ability to Improve its Water Security Strengthened
  • DO3: Equitable, Democratic Governance Strengthened
  • DO4: Human Potential Accelerated
  • DO5: Agency and Leadership of Women and Youth Enhanced

Proposed partnerships may target one or more of these objectives. The specific objective(s) that the partnership will support must be explicitly stated. USAID will prioritize innovative, cost-effective, private-sector driven concepts that include the illustrative types of interventions and activities outlined below. These interventions are illustrative only and are not meant to limit applicant creativity.

As emphasized in the GDA APS, USAID is seeking to build direct working relationships with private sector entities that will foster market-based approaches and enterprise-led solutions to development challenges. GDAs emerge from extensive co-creation and collaboration between USAID and one or more private sector entities whereby we jointly determine the best way to apply our respective resources and expertise to achieve our respective interests.

While GDAs require extensive resource mobilization and investment by the private sector, the GDA APS is NOT a matching grants program or a fundraising initiative. Instead, the GDA APS is an effort to identify the market-based approaches and programmatic inputs from the private sector that will most effectively increase the impact of USAID’s development assistance and the success of the GDA for USAID and the private sector.

For the purposes of this addendum, USAID/Jordan prefers partnerships that leverage private sector resources at a ratio of 2:1 or greater,2 with a minimum 50 percent of the private sector partner resources in cash. Ideally, the private sector contribution would significantly exceed that of USAID. Historically, the level of resources mobilized by and from the private sector has been roughly three times the level of resources contributed by the USG. Given staffing and resource limitations, USAID/Jordan will prioritize concepts with a minimum private sector contribution of between $2 million and $4 million depending on the Development Objective or unless otherwise stated. This means that concepts in which the private sector contributions (which may be provided by a single firm or a consortium of firms working together under the same GDA) are less than a total of $2 or $4 million, depending on the DO, may not be reviewed, unless otherwise indicated. In addition, the proposed partnership must include a Jordanian firm or implementer, with a preference for implementation by a Jordanian firm/entity. A Jordanian firm is defined as an organization that (1) is legally organized under the laws of; (2) has as its principal place of business or operations in; (3) is majority owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of; and (4) is managed by a governing body the majority of who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of Jordan.

Applicants should refer to Section D of Appendix I of the GDA APS for more detailed information on the requirements for leverage of private sector resources.


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