CBLD-9 Capacity Building Indicator Resource Page

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CBLD-9 Capacity Building Indicator Resource Page

As USAID’s Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Strategy states, the Agency is shifting “from viewing successful local capacity building as an organization’s ability to receive and manage federal funding directly to measuring success by the strengthened performance of local actors and local systems in achieving and sustaining demonstrable results.”  This important shift will focus USAID’s attention on the outcomes—not just the inputs—of its work to strengthen the capacity and performance of local entities and locally established partners.

USAID uses the Standard Foreign Assistance Indicator CBLD-9 to track Agency-wide progress on this shift.  CBLD-9 measures the percent of U.S. Government-assisted organizations with improved performance.  

On this page, you can access a range of resources related to the CBLD-9 indicator, including:


Last updated: October 08, 2020

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