CBLD-9 Capacity Building Indicator Resource Page

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CBLD-9 Steps

  1. Define performance improvement priorities with the partner organization (and its stakeholders).
  2. Analyze and assess gaps between current and desired performance.
  3. Select and implement solutions that contribute to performance improvement.
  4. Monitor and measure change in performance.

Under its Acquisition and Assistance Strategy, USAID has adopted a new approach that measures local capacity-building based on an organization’s performance improvement in areas that advance its own objectives. Previously, the Agency placed a strong emphasis on measuring capacity-building based on compliance, with a focus on an organization’s ability to receive and manage U.S. federal funding.

Using the CBLD-9 indicator enables USAID to track capacity development consistently across the Agency’s programs. It offers multiple benefits, among them:

  • Emphasis on the partner organization’s growth and performance priorities.

  • Focus on the expected outcome of capacity development support, not the process of issuing an award.

  • A detailed roadmap of how to meaningfully and consistently measure capacity strengthening outcomes.

These resources can help you better understand and leverage the CBLD-9 indicator: 

A CBLD-9 webinar recording from February 2020 and the webinar slide deck.


Last updated: May 26, 2021

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