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Name: Higher Education Partnership for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (HEP-DRI) Activity Addendum under HELIX APS
Respond by: October 03, 2023
Purpose: Through this Higher Education Partnership for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (HEP-DRI) Activity’ Addendum, USAID/India aims to engage new, nontraditional, and local actors to expand and amplify the Agency’s work through and with higher education. NPI seeks to support partner countries’ to achieve sustainable and resilient results and catalyze more effective partnering for impact.
Description of Activity: The HEP-DRI Activity aims to utilize Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to enhance the systemic resilience of infrastructure against disaster and climate risks. This will be achieved by establishing a network of selected HEIs from the United States and India, working in collaboration with other stakeholders, to address gaps in infrastructure resilience education, training, and knowledge management. The activity aims to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders and foster a higher education ecosystem focused on infrastructure resilience.
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