New Partnership Initiative Awards

To date, USAID has made 14 awards as a part of the New Partnerships Initiative. Highlighted below are the organizations that have received awards as a part of NPI and information on the work they will be doing with USAID.  

DAI with sub-awardees: KOIS Invest, Lion’s Head Global Partners, and Women’s World Banking Asset Management

Children in Adversity
JSI Research & Training Institute with sub-awardees: Bethany Christian Services, Better Care Network, Brick By Brick, Faith to Action Initiative, and Global Social Service Workforce Alliance.

Conflict Prevention and Recovery Program APS
Indonesia Addendum: 
Stitching Hivos
Stitching Hivos with sub-awardees: Indonesian Arts Coalition, Yayasan Cahaya Guru, Youth Interfaith Forum, and Narasi Baru. [PDF, 194K]

Iraq Addendum: 
Solidarity Fund with sub-awardees: Club of Catholic Intelligentsia and Step-In Clinics
Philadelphia Organization for Relief and Development
Catholic University of Erbil
Top Mountain
Shlama Foundation
Beth Nahrain
Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Global Partnerships Advance Conflict Transformation Addendum: 
Aga Khan Foundation

Bangladesh Addendum: 
Relief International with sub awardees:
Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), Young Power in Social Action (YPSA), and mPower Social Enterprise Limited (mPower)

Global Health APS
Americares Community Partnerships for Respectful Care, and new COVID-19 sub-awards
World Relief Strengthening Community Health Outcomes through Positive Engagement
Palladium Expanding Community Partnerships

Small Business Applied Research Program 
Nickol Global Solutions LLC

Development Institute LLC (I4DI)
Triangle Environmental Health Initiative LLC
Cloudburst Consulting Group, Inc


Last updated: June 24, 2020

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