New Partnerships Initiative

  • Diversifying Partners on the Journey to Self-Reliance


USAID will be holding a webinar on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 at 2 pm ET to provide an in-depth overview of NPI. During the webinar, USAID will highlight current and upcoming funding opportunities, awards made under NPI to date, the NPI incubator, and more. You can RSVP for the webinar here.

The USAID of tomorrow will enable partner countries to plan, resource, and manage their own development through strengthened capacity and commitment—this is both the essence of the Journey to Self-Reliance and a key rationale for diversifying the USAID partner base.

The New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) will allow USAID to work with a more diverse range of partners and provide more entry points for organizations to work with the Agency. The principles behind NPI are outlined in the Agency’s first-ever Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Strategy.

Under NPI, USAID will engage new and underutilized partners through a series of solicitations designed to help countries be self-reliant and meet the needs of their people.

NPI focuses on four key methods:

  • Direct awards to new and underutilized local organizations
  • Direct awards to new and underutilized non-local organizations with a strong history of work in a given country
  • Sub-awards to new or underutilized partners, with prime awardees serving in a limited mentorship role
  • Direct awards to partners to leverage private funding

Partnership Opportunities

Last updated: November 14, 2019

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