Global development and humanitarian challenges we face today—poverty, food insecurity, climate change, migration, health, education, corruption, and the lingering effects of the pandemic—all have unique consequences, power dynamics, impacts, complexities, and potential solutions for the communities they touch. This means that equitable, inclusive, and sustainable responses to these challenges must be built upon the priorities, knowledge, lived experiences, aspirations, and expertise of the people who live them every day.

To meet the challenges of today, USAID is renewing its commitment to localization and shifting more leadership, ownership, decision making, and implementation to the local people and institutions who possess the capability, connectedness, and credibility to drive change in their own countries and communities.

USAID’s Locally Led Development Initiatives team (LLDI) offers a range of uniquely flexible programs, opportunities, tools, and research that support local ownership and leadership throughout the development process.

Learn more about these programs and opportunities below:

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Locally Led Development Initiatives Factsheet (PDF 255KB)

Cooperative members taking part in a training
Cooperative members taking part in a training
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