Working with USAID Missions to drive innovation and experimentation in locally led development.

USAID’s Local Works program has been at the forefront of locally led development since 2015.

In countries around the world, Local Works seeks to empower local actors to lead their own development, helping to shift USAID’s role to be a catalyst for local change efforts and processes.

More time and greater freedom to pursue locally led programming: USAID Missions apply for the program’s five-year, multi-sectoral funds and tailored technical support through an annual competition. Resources, tools, and opportunities enable USAID Missions to try new development approaches that are more flexible, locally responsive, and locally sustainable, while facilitating learning that benefits the entire Agency.

Where We Work

There are 35 Missions with Local Works programs in all five regions where USAID works:

How the Program Works

A Congressionally-directed program, Local Works enables select USAID Missions to drive innovation and learning in locally led development. Looking towards a future where local actors lead their own development, six principles ground all aspects of Local Works programming:

 Local Works envisions "A future where local actors lead their own development," according to six principles: listen to local actors; support local leadership; experiment, learn, and share; embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and gender; think long-term; and understand local systems

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