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Supporting innovative ideas for locally led development.

Sustainable and locally driven ideas come from organizations of all types and sizes around the world. To ensure that these ideas have the opportunity to be considered, Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development (US4LLD) sets aside a portion of its annual budget to provide USAID Missions (country offices) with the funding needed to support unsolicited applications that advance locally led development. 

Who We Work With


Per U.S. legislation, an eligible entity is a “small local, international, and U.S.-based non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and other small entities that have received less than a total of U.S. $5,000,000 (directly as the prime organization) from USAID over the previous five fiscal years. Departments or centers of educational institutions may be considered individually in determining such eligibility.”

Where We Work

Click the map to learn more about Locally Led Development Initiative programming in each country.
Click the map to learn more about Locally Led Development Initiative programming in each country.



Click here for an accessible PDF version of the map.

How to Submit an Idea

Concepts are accepted at any time from eligible organizations and entities.  Please note:

  1. Individual awards cannot exceed $2,000,000. Final award amounts will be determined through negotiation, based on the availability of funds, and with a scope consistent with the interests of USAID.
  2. Organizations that have submitted an unsolicited concept to US4LLD should wait until a positive or negative determination is made before submitting additional concepts. 
  3. US4LLD attempts to be able to provide funding to as many Missions globally as possible. US4LLD is not accepting concepts for the following Missions at this time, as these Missions have already received the program’s maximum annual allocation.*
    1. Angola
    2. Burkina Faso
    3. Dominican Republic
    4. Ecuador
    5. Ethiopia
    6. Guatemala
    7. Guinea
    8. Guyana
    9. Haiti
    10. Honduras
    11. Kazakhstan
    12. Kenya
    13. Malawi
    14. Nigeria
    15. Paraguay
    16. The Philippines
    17. South Africa
    18. Ukraine
    19. Zimbabwe

*Unsolicited applications may still be submitted directly to the Mission (see directory for contact information) or to

To be considered, concepts must be submitted using the form provided below. The form contains specific questions about locally led development that must be answered in order to be considered.  All concepts must meet the following requirements:

  • USAID criteria for unsolicited proposals and applications
  • Additional guidelines for advancing locally led development includes evidence of the following:
    • Local input: The beneficiary communities are involved in identifying the development challenge and designing a solution.
    • Local ownership: Local leaders are empowered to own and implement the process.
    • Innovation: Activities are innovative and go beyond and/or improve upon traditional development practices.
    • Sustainability: Produces results that are more sustainable over the long-term compared to existing practices.
    • Adaptability: Presents a strategy for how the organization will monitor its activities, respond to potential challenges, and adjust activities as necessary.

Download the form to submit a concept.

Eligible entities may apply at any time by emailing the completed submission form to, copying

*Please note, the US4LLD program is not able to use its funds to support activities primarily related to construction. Concepts focused on construction activities and capital improvement will not be eligible for consideration.

News and Updates

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Unsolicited Applications Concept Paper Form

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