Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development (US4LLD)

Supporting locally-driven ideas from around the world.

Sustainable and locally driven ideas come from a diversity of organizations around the world. To ensure that these ideas have the opportunity to be considered, Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development (US4LLD) sets aside a portion of its annual budget to provide USAID Missions with funding to support unsolicited applications that advance locally led development in any sector. 

Fundación Paraguaya, a local NGO in Paraguay working to eliminate poverty, applied for Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development (US4LLD) to strengthen the capacity of low-income women entrepreneur committees based on the NGO’s own understanding of the committees’ needs. When the committees expressed different priorities, Fundación Paraguaya reconsidered their initial assumptions and took a demand-driven approach to capacity strengthening.

Ajuda do Povo para Povo (ADPP), an Angolan NGO, submitted a concept through US4LLD to strengthen education systems. With 25 years of experience supporting education in rural areas of Angola, ADPP works closely with municipal education authorities, local citizens, and teachers. By building on and strengthening existing local resources, ADPP aims to ensure children enroll and thrive in school through graduation.

In Mesoamerica, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities manage more than 50 million hectares of forests. Through an unsolicited award in Guatemala, Rainforest Foundation US partners with the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB) to strengthen their regional structure. Their joint efforts aim to reduce inequity, protect natural resources, and build strong foundations for post-pandemic economic reactivation.

WHAT DOES US4LLD SUPPORT? Locally driven activities through awards of up to $2 million.

WHERE CAN US4LLD FUND AN AWARD? Any country with an active USAID presence (see below for some restrictions).

WHEN ARE APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED? Concepts are accepted on a rolling basis.

WHO CAN APPLY? Organizations that have received less than $5 million directly from USAID over the previous five fiscal years.

Advancing Locally Led Development

All concepts must demonstrate how they advance locally led development. Concepts must show how they include:

Communities are involved in identifying the development challenge and designing a solution.

Local leaders are empowered to own and implement the process.

Activities go beyond and/or improve upon traditional development practices.

There is a strategy for monitoring activities, responding to potential challenges, and adapting as necessary.

Activities will clearly be more sustainable over the long-term compared to existing practices.

Ineligible Countries

US4LLD attempts to provide funding to as many USAID Missions globally as possible. Due to certain limits, US4LLD is not currently accepting concepts for activities taking place in countries below:

  • Angola

  • Burkina Faso

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Eswatini

  • Ethiopia

  • Guinea

  • Kenya

  • Morocco

  • Nigeria

  • South Africa

  • Uganda

  • Zimbabwe

  • Burma (Myanmar)

  • Kazakhstan

  • Sri Lanka

  • The Philippines

  • Ukraine

  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Guyana
  • Honduras

Prospective applicants are encouraged to also regularly check Grants.gov and SAM.gov for current opportunities in specific countries or sectors.


Eligible applicants must...
  • Have received less than $5 million from USAID directly over the previous five fiscal years and
  • Be a small local, international, or United States-based non-governmental organization, educational institution, or other small entity
Eligible activities must...
  • Clearly be locally led (see here for key questions to consider before submission) and
  • Not be focused on construction

Key Resources

Submit a strong concept

  • US4LLD Concept Note Form: Interested in submitting a concept? Download the form, review the requirements, fully answer the questions, and email the completed form to unsolicited-solutions4LLD@usaid.gov.
  • How to Apply to US4LLD: Ready to submit a concept but want to know more about the application process? Find a summary of the US4LLD application and review processes here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about US4LLD: It’s possible that your question may have already been addressed. Explore responses to the most frequently asked questions – from concept drafting to award processes.
  • Local Capacity Strengthening
    • New Agency Local Capacity Strengthening Policy: Applicants proposing capacity strengthening in their concepts are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this Policy before submitting an application. This Policy is a mindset and culture shift towards embracing capacity strengthening that supports local actors' ability to deliver and sustain development results. Approaches to capacity strengthening will vary; they should be fit-for-purpose and co-created with local actors to meet their aspirations, goals, and needs.
    • Local Capacity Strengthening Micro-Trainings: Deepen your understanding of USAID’s Local Capacity Strengthening Policy by taking the interactive Policy overview and principles-based micro-trainings. Each module will take about five minutes.

Work with USAID

  • WorkWithUSAID.gov: Explore USAID’s resource hub on partnering with USAID.
  • WorkWithUSAID Partner Directory: Register your organization on this listing of development organizations to expand your network and learn about other organizations in your region or sector.
  • Pre-Engagement Assessment: Is your organization ready to work with USAID? Check your organization’s readiness with this confidential assessment.
  • Training Series On How To Work With USAID: Learn about key aspects of USAID partnership through 12 modules drawing from advice straight from USAID staff.
  • USAID Sub-Opportunities: In addition to working directly with USAID, there are many opportunities to work with the contractors and recipients that are currently receiving USAID funding. We call these sub-opportunities. Explore this page to find sub-opportunities.

US4LLD Overview

Find another funding opportunity

  • Find a Funding Opportunity: USAID’s landing page for understanding how to find a funding opportunity to work with USAID. 
  • Grants.gov: Explore current grant opportunities.
  • SAM.gov: All solicitations over $25,000 will be posted on this site.
  • USAID Business Forecast: Stay up to date with potential funding and partnership opportunities at USAID and find opportunities to engage with USAID early in the procurement process. Information may change over time.
  • Grant and Partnership Programs: Find more opportunities through other programs that USAID manages.

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