At USAID, we recognize the value of engaging the private sector in development and humanitarian assistance to help shape solutions that achieve a sustained impact.

In an increasingly interconnected world, new approaches are required to solve the world’s complex development and humanitarian challenges. The private sector is an engine for growth, creating nine out of ten jobs in the developing world. Working with the private sector is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Business is good for development and development is good for business. USAID has a long history of working with the private sector to deliver core business interests that align with USAID development priorities and objectives. 

Since 2001, USAID has formed over 2,500 partnerships with non-governmental partners, including more than 1,700 partnerships with the private sector.

Market-Based Solutions for Sustainable Development

Building partnerships with USAID starts with identifying a shared vision of what we want to achieve together, and then building a partnership that taps into our respective strengths.

USAID Partnership & Investment Opportunities

Learn more about  ways you can do business or partner with USAID.

Interested in Exploring Other Opportunities for Engagement?

USAID actively seeks to engage companies and investors to explore opportunities to partner with USAID. Please contact the Private Sector Engagement Points of Contact in the country where you would like to work. For specific solicitations across the Agency, visit Search for Opportunities or contact us.

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