PSE Points of Contacts

By working together, USAID and the business community leverage our respective expertise, capabilities and resources to achieve greater impact and foster the economic growth and poverty reduction needed to sustain business and industry.

If you're interested in partnering with us in a country where we operate, please see below for a list of PSE Points of Contacts from our missions.

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Operating Unit Bureau PSE POC Designee Email of Designee
African Union  Africa Bureau (AFR) Patrick Brady
Angola Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Benin Africa Bureau (AFR) Nazaire Houssou
Botswana Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Burkina Faso Africa Bureau (AFR) Francois Bado
Burundi Africa Bureau (AFR) Christian Nkengurutse
Chad Africa Bureau (AFR) Sait Mboob
Democratic Republic of the Congo & Central Africa Regional (Kinshasa) Africa Bureau (AFR) Anne Bisso
Djibouti Africa Bureau (AFR) Nasser Abdi
Eswatini Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Ethiopia Africa Bureau (AFR) Mark Henderson
The Gambia Africa Bureau (AFR) Sait Mboob
Ghana Africa Bureau (AFR) Plato Hieronimus
Guinea/Sierra Leone Africa Bureau (AFR) Taisha Jones
Guinea/Sierra Leone Africa Bureau (AFR) Keifala Koroma
Côte d’Ivoire Africa Bureau (AFR) William Coulibaly
Kenya & East Africa Regional (Nairobi) Africa Bureau (AFR) Edwin Moses Sitati
Lesotho Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Liberia Africa Bureau (AFR) Patricia Flanagan
Madagascar Africa Bureau (AFR) Serge Ramanantsoa
Malawi Africa Bureau (AFR) Eluphy Nyirenda
Mali Africa Bureau (AFR) Mark Doyle
Mauritania Africa Bureau (AFR) Sait Mboob
Mozambique Africa Bureau (AFR) Nelson Guilaze
Namibia Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Niger Africa Bureau (AFR) Sait Mboob
Nigeria Africa Bureau (AFR) Jodi-Kaye Wade
Rwanda Africa Bureau (AFR) Fina Kayisanabo
Sahel Regional (Dakar) Africa Bureau (AFR) Sait Mboob
Senegal Africa Bureau (AFR) William Bradley
Somalia Africa Bureau (AFR) Hanna Grabe
South Africa Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
South Sudan Africa Bureau (AFR) Sule Gideon
Southern Africa Regional (Pretoria) Africa Bureau (AFR) Jacques Swanepoel
Sudan Africa Bureau (AFR) Amir Eltayeb
Tanzania Africa Bureau (AFR) Sara Calvert
Uganda Africa Bureau (AFR) Chris Powers
West Africa Regional (Accra) Africa Bureau (AFR) Cory O'Hara
Zambia Africa Bureau (AFR) Zdenek Suda
Zimbabwe Africa Bureau (AFR) Kevin Fox
Bangladesh  Asia Bureau (ASIA) David Kauper
Burma Asia Bureau (ASIA) Pam Fessenden
Cambodia Asia Bureau (ASIA) Laura Cizmo
Central Asia Asia Bureau (ASIA) Timothy Melvin
India Asia Bureau (ASIA) Eric Naranjo
Indonesia Asia Bureau (ASIA) Daniel Bellefleur
Kazakhstan & Central Asia Regional (Almaty) Asia Bureau (ASIA) Timothy Melvin
Kyrgyzstan Asia Bureau (ASIA) Altynbek Kadyrov
Laos Asia Bureau (ASIA) Somsangouane Keovilay
Nepal Bilateral Asia Bureau (ASIA) Jacinto F. Fabiosa
Philippines Asia Bureau (ASIA) Jenna Diallo
RDMA Asia Bureau (ASIA) Ira Frydman
Sri Lanka Asia Bureau (ASIA) Chris Daly
Sri Lanka/Maldives Asia Bureau (ASIA) Micah Globerson
Tajikistan Asia Bureau (ASIA) Timothy Melvin
Timor-Leste Asia Bureau (ASIA) Hal Carey, Jr.
Turkmenistan Asia Bureau (ASIA) Timothy Melvin
Uzbekistan Asia Bureau (ASIA) Timothy Melvin
Vietnam Asia Bureau (ASIA) Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy
Albania  Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Andrew Maybrook
Armenia Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Jeffery Paretchan
Azerbaijan Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Samir Hamidov
Belarus Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Farhad Ghaussy
Bosnia Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Kent A. Larson
Georgia Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Marika Olson
Kosovo Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Matt Cullinane
North Macedonia Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Tatjana Markovska
Moldova Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Dan Thomson
Serbia Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Aleksandar Djureinovic
Ukraine Europe and Eurasia Bureau (E&E) Farhad Ghaussy
Barbados / Eastern and Southern Caribbean  Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Kipp Sutton
Brazil Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Alex Alves
Colombia Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Nathalie Renaud
Dominican Republic Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Jose Frank Cuello
El Salvador Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Gerardo Tablas
Guatemala Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Yassin Osman
Haiti Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Christine Musset
Honduras Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Andrew McCown

Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC)

Dacia Samuels
Mexico Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Gabriel Sanchez
Nicaragua Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Federico Rostran
Paraguay Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Adriana Casati
Peru Latin American and Caribbean Bureau (LAC) Jerry Marcus
Egypt  Middle East Bureau (ME) Sarah Atwood Barma
Jordan Middle East Bureau (ME) Jessica Morrison
Lebanon Middle East Bureau (ME) Joseph Kawal
Morocco Middle East Bureau (ME) Salma Kadiri
West Bank & Gaza Middle East Bureau (ME) Karla Fossand
Iraq Middle East Bureau (ME) Rana Abbas
Libya Middle East Bureau (ME) Russell Bauer
Syria Middle East Bureau (ME) TBD  
Tunisia Middle East Bureau (ME) Luis Hernandez
Yemen Middle East Bureau (ME) Michael Wyzan
Afghanistan  OAPA Bryan Byrne
Pakistan OAPA Kanwal Bokharey


Washington-Based Private Sector Engagement POCs

Operating Unit PSE POC Designee Email of Designee
Africa Bureau Amy Lovejoy
Asia Bureau Lindsey Moore
DCHA - Conflict Management and Mitigation Ioli Filmeridis
DCHA - Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Dani Roziewski
DCHA - Humanitarian Assistance Doug Stropes
E3 - Economic Policy Robyn Broughton
E3 - Education Lisa Blonder
E3 - Energy & Infrastructure Dorian Mead
E3 - Environment Jeff Haeni
E3 - GenDev Diana Prieto
E3 - Land and Urban Sarah Lowery
E3 - Local Sustainability Emily Varga
E3 - Trade & Regulatory Reform Bryan O'Byrne
Europe and Eurasia Bureau David Cowles
General Counsel Gayle Girod and Jonathan Ng,
Global Health Susan Rae Ross and Nikki Tyler,
LAB - Innovation Ku McMahan
LAB - Technology Sabeen Dhanani
Latin America and the Caribbean Bureau Caroline Smith
Legislative and Public Affairs Justin Prudhomme
M - Management Ruth Buckley
M - OAA/A&A Lab Paul Burford
Middle East Bureau Kevin Martin
Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs David Bailey and Nik Foster,
Office of Budget and Resource Management Mark Murray
Policy, Planning and Learning Susan Wilder
Power Africa Amanda Fong
Resilience and Food Security (RFS) Katie Garcia
RFS - Water Ella Lazarte

Last updated: August 06, 2020

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