At USAID, we discover new ways to address global challenges by tapping into the creativity, energy, and innovative ideas of people and organizations around the world.

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Discover how you can effectively respond to a solicitation for USAID funding.
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Explore a career with USAID: Civil Service, Foreign Service, Fellows Program, and Personal Service Contractors.
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Explore the different ways you can work with us!

In the Partnership Opportunities section of this site, learn how you can:

In the Resources for Partners section, you will find the policies, procedures, and regulations for new and existing USAID partners.

Please also visit, a free resource hub that empowers organizations with the knowledge and networks to navigate how to work with USAID. 
If you are a business leader, be sure to check out the Corporate Partnering Portal where you can learn more about corporate collaborations with USAID.

Learn more about our work and follow along for the latest news and other information from the Office of Acquisition and Assistance at @WorkWithUSAID.

Looking for something else? Please contact us to get in touch with specific USAID staff.

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USAID is committing to advancing respectful, inclusive, and safe environments in our workplace and programs. As part of this commitment, USAID strictly prohibits sexual misconduct, including harassment, exploitation or abuse of any kind among staff or implementing partners. USAID takes seriously, and expects its staff and partners to take seriously, the commitment to do no harm and to advance human dignity in our work.

Learn more about the Action Alliance for Preventing Sexual Misconduct (AAPSM)

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