Action Alliance for Preventing Sexual Misconduct (AAPSM)

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Prevent Sexual Misconduct. Promote Respect and Accountability in our Workplace and Programs

USAID strictly prohibits sexual misconduct, including harassment, exploitation or abuse of any kind among staff or implementing partners. USAID takes seriously, and expects its staff and partners to take seriously, the commitment to do no harm and to advance human dignity in our work. USAID established the AAPSM in 2018 to focus our efforts on these critical issues.


Prevent and Address Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in USAID Programs

  • Work across the globe to protect the communities we serve and advance human dignity by preventing sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Elevate the voice of survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation by putting their needs, rights and well-being at the forefront of our efforts.
  • Review and revise our existing policies and procedures to strengthen accountability and compliance, in consultation with our external partners and beneficiaries.

Prevent and Address Workplace Sexual Misconduct at USAID

  • Work across USAID to prevent and address internal sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, by strengthening the Agency’s policies and procedures for effectively preventing, reporting, and responding to incidents of sexual harassment.
  • Foster a respectful culture at USAID that does not tolerate sexual misconduct or harassment, and that values reporting, respects survivors, and prevents retaliation.
  • Demonstrate accountability to USAID employees and stakeholders by using data to measure success.


USAID has taken the following actions to address sexual misconduct in its workplace and programs:


  • USAID FACILITIES: All USAID management officials are required, and all other staff are encouraged, to report allegations of sexual misconduct within USAID facilities within one business day of becoming aware of them. All allegations of internal workplace sexual misconduct at USAID can be reported to USAID’s Misconduct Reporting Portal at (click “Report Misconduct” under Quick Links) or by dialing USAID’s Misconduct Hotline at 202-712-1234 (dial ext. 2 for “HR” and ext. 2 for “ELR Misconduct Hotline). Reports can also be made to a direct supervisor, as well as to the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity ( or the Office of Employee and Labor Relations (
  • USAID PROGRAMS: USAID employees are required, and implementing partners are encouraged, to report all allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse in USAID programs — whether the allegations involve USAID personnel, grantees or contractors — to the Office of the Inspector General at, as well as to the cognizant USAID Contracting or Agreement Officer.


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Last updated: October 06, 2021

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