Consistent with the goals of the U.S. Strategy for Addresing the Root Causes of Migration in Central America, and in broad alignment with the Northern Triangle Countries’ Alliance for Prosperity Plan, USAID programs in Guatemala seek to address the drivers of irregular migration to the United States, including high levels of violence and insecurity, pervasive poverty, and chronic malnutrition.


Country Programs

  • Planning and Program Support Office

    B’atz Local Institutional Strengthening Project

    This project seeks to strengthen USAID’s engagement with Indigenous Peoples and local communities by supporting their development priorities. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Community Roots Project

    This project creates educational, athletic, cultural, and employment opportunities for youth by supporting the efforts of the Vice Ministry of Violence Prevention, the National Police, municipalities, community development commissions, and the private sector. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Nexos Locales

    This project strengthens municipalities’ management of public services, financial and procurement systems to increase their capacity to raise revenue and manage expenditures, deliver basic services and improve economic growth. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Justice and Transparency Project

    This project strengthens Guatemala’s security and justice sector institutions to reduce criminal impunity and more effectively investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate crimes that drive illegal migration. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Peacebuilding Project

    This project brings together diverse sectors and stakeholders within communities in the Western Highlands to identify and address the main drivers of social conflict at the familial, community, and municipal levels. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Electoral Governance and Reforms Project

    This project improves governance of key institutions and increases citizen voice and responsibility by enhancing dialogue and advocacy for key new reforms by civil society, the legislature, and the executive branch, in addition to supporting the implementation and enforcement of key recently approved reforms. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Communities Leading Development

    This project uses a community-based development approach to strengthen the voices of underrepresented groups, facilitating inclusive bargaining processes to select priorities for development projects in the Western Highlands. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Urban Municipal Governance Project

    This project reduces the levels of violence in municipalities most at risk of violent crime, located in three regions along the border regions of Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras, as well as in the central region around Guatemala City. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration

    This project implements activities based on a detailed understanding of affected communities and the specific causes of irregular migration that influence them. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    National Institutions Strengthening Project

    This project supports the Guatemalan Government's reform efforts to create an effective and transparent public financial management system. Visit the website

  • Security, Justice, and Governance

    Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons and Unaccompanied Migrant Children Project

    This project strengthens national capacities to provide protection services for victims of trafficking in persons and unaccompanied migrant children, while preventing human trafficking and irregular migration in Guatemala. Visit the website

  • Economic Growth

    Creating Economic Opportunities

    This project promotes trade and investment, mobilizes financial services, upgrades productive infrastructure, and improves private sector competitiveness, benefiting poor and vulnerable populations, particularly Indigenous youth. Visit the website

  • Economic Growth

    Innovative Solutions for Agricultural Value Chains Project

    This project supports the growth and economic resilience of agribusinesses through training in agricultural and business practices and technologies, diversification of value chains, and private sector investment. Visit the website

  • Economic Growth

    Guatemala Entrepreneurship Development Initiative GEDI

    This project seeks to foster a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem to bring economic prosperity to regions and communities heavily affected by migration. Visit the website

  • Economic Growth

    Goats For Prosperity

    This project works to improve nutrition and livelihoods of 350 vulnerable indigenous households in seven communities of Chiantla, Huehuetenango through the provision of goats to families, the establishment of home gardens, and the adoption of good health and hygiene practices. Visit the website

  • Environment

    Strengthening Governance in the Maya Biosphere Reserve

    This project supports field patrols and judicial processes to ensure enforcement of laws and prosecution of offenders; enhances public and civil society participation in governance; invests in tourism development; and protects the region’s archaeological heritage. Visit the website

  • Food Security

    Rural Extension Project in Guatemala

    This project increases food security among rural households in Guatemala by strengthening the capacity of extension agents and community promoters in planning, organizing, managing, and delivering rural extension services. Visit the website

  • Education

    Puentes Project

    This project supports youth in high migration areas of Guatemala access to education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities while providing youth with basic life skills so that they can actively contribute to their communities. Visit the website

  • Education

    Basic Education Quality and Transitions

    This project seeks to improve foundational reading, writing, math, and social and emotional skills acquisition for children and youth through the formal education system. Visit the website

  • Education

    National Youth Service Corps

    This project seeks to improve opportunities for young people, ages 15-29, to advance and contribute to their communities’ development; increase their leadership skills; and lead to greater resilience and hope for youth and their communities. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    Health and Nutrition Project

    This activity will improve the health and nutritional status of women and children in the Western Highlands by strengthening institutions implementing health and nutrition policies. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    Breakthrough Action

    This project designed to increase the practice of priority behaviors that improve the health and nutrition status of the Guatemalan population. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    Integrated Water Sanitation and hygiene I-WASH

    This project seeks to expand and integrate quality water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and water resource management (WRM) services in the Huehuetenango and Quiche Departments of Guatemala. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    Safe Return To School Plus

    This project seeks to support a safe return to schools after facing the impacts of tropical storms, Eta and Iota, and the consequences of COVID-19 in Guatemala’s education sector. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control (EpiC)

    This project provides technical and financial assistance to local-level priority departments and municipalities to improve coordination, monitoring, and adaptations of efforts to increase COVID-19 vaccination coverage, particularly in remote, mostly rural areas of the country. Visit the website

Regional Programs


    HIV Care and Treatment Project

    This project ensures that all eligible people living with HIV receive treatment and achieve viral suppression through high quality and discrimination free care and treatment. Visit the website


    Global Health Supply Chain for Procurement and Supply Management

    This project aims to strengthen the supply chain to effectively manage the medicines and products necessary to support the HIV Strategy 95-95-95. Visit the website


    Prevention Services Against HIV

    This project supports governments and civil society to provide high risk individuals with prevention services such as non-discriminatory counseling and testing with a focus on connecting HIV-positive individuals to appropriate treatment. Visit the website


    Sustainable HIV Response in Central America Project

    This project proposes reinforcing public health policies in accordance with international agreements and treaties on the protection of human rights and promoting the equitable allocation of resources for the response to HIV. Visit the website


    Translating Data for Implementation (Data.FI)

    This is a global project that helps countries strengthen and sustain access to key, high-quality data to accelerate and maintain HIV and COVID-19 epidemic control and guide informed decision making on other health priorities at the national and subnational levels. Visit the website

  • Health and Nutrition

    MPox Communication Campaign

    This communications campaign focuses on specific priority areas identified by the various missions with the aim of accelerating the emergency response to MPox. Visit the website

USAID/El Salvador - Central America and Mexico Regional Programs


Regional Coastal Biodiversity ($13.4 million)— Contributes to local economic development and the generation of income for women and youth, based on best natural resource management practices to reduce the threats on key ecosystems in three border sites in Central America. 

Trade Facilitation and Border Management Project ($17.5 million)- Contributes to broad-based economic growth by enhancing regional integration and improving trade facilitation by reducing time and cost of trading across borders to achieve greater trade competitiveness in the region.

Upper Lempa Transboundary Water Resource Management (WRM) Activity ($12 million) - Supports transboundary and national institutions to effectively manage water resources and address water security risks while conserving the environment to improve resilience of the Northern Central American region to prosper in the face of increasing climate variability and change.

InfoSegura ($31 million)—Strengthens evidence-based policy making and increases regional coordination and collaboration on effective citizen security strategies.

Regional Human Rights and Democracy ($39.4 million)—Facilitates strategic alliances among organizations involved in strengthening human rights.  This program addresses human rights violations resulting from internal displacement and irregular migration and informs policies and strengthens government response to this regional phenomenon. The project focuses on protecting human rights for the most vulnerable populations.

Integrated Responses on Migration from Central America ($33.7 million)—Provides services to help returning migrants reintegrate into local communities, and to alert the public on the risks of irregular migration. 


USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) activities in Guatemala


Paradelante (Going Forward) - May-01-2021 / Mar-30-2023

  • Huehuetenango, San Juan Atitán, Santiago Chimaltenango, Tectitán, San Gaspar Ixil, Nenton

Proyecto de Mejoramiento de la Seguridad Alimentaria en el área Ixil -PRO MEJORAS- - Apr-01-2022 / May-31-2023

  • Quiché: Nebaj, Chajul, Cotzal

Women Weaving Lives Free of Violence: A Community-Based Program to Strengthen Protection and Livelihoods for Women and Girls - Jul-22-2022 / Jul-24-2023

  • Alta Verapaz: Cobán, San Pedro Carchá
  • Huehuetenango: Chiantla, Huehuetenango
  • Izabal: Livingston, Puerto Barrios
  • Quiché: Santa María Nebaj, Santa Cruz del Quiché
  • Quetzaltenango: San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango
  • San Marcos: San Pedro Sacatepéquez, San Marcos
  • Totonicapán: Momostenango, Totonicapán

Provision of multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance to populations affected by violence and displacement in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras - Aug-01-2022 / Sep-21-2023

  • Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, and Chiquimula departments

Prosperamos: Strengthening the resilience of food insecure families in Guatemala - Jan-04-2022 / Sep-30-2023

  • Alta Verapaz: La Tinta, Tucurú,
  • Chiquimula: Camotán, Jocotán
  • Izabal: Los Amates, Morales

Route of Hope and Development (Ruta de la Esperanza y Desarrollo -RED-): Improving Food Security and livelihoods for vulnerable people in San Marcos and Totonicapán - May-01-2022 / Oct-31-2023

  • Totonicapán: Santa Lucia La Reforma, San Bartolo Aguas Calientes, Momostenango
  • San Marcos: Sibinal, San José Ojetenam, Tejutla and Comitancillo

Podemos (We Can) - May-01-2022 / Oct-31-2023

  • Huehuetenango: Colotenango, Santa Barbara, Aguacatan, Malacatancito

ALCANCES II: Improving food security and building resilience in vulnerable communities from Guatemala and Honduras - May-18-2022 / Nov-17-2023

  • Huehuetenango: San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán, Cuilco

Holistic prevention and response services to support people affected by forced displacement to restore and rebuild their lives - Aug-01-2022 / Jan-31-2024

  • Guatemala: Guatemala
  • Huehuetenango: Huehuetenango
  • Chimaltenango: Chimaltenango

SECONRED Capacity Strengthening Program (SCSP) - Jul-20-2021 / Jul-19-2024

Promoting Resilience Objectives of Restorative Agriculture in Communities for Economic Sustainability PRO-RAICES - Feb-01-2023 / Jan-31-2026

  • Alta Verapaz: Panzós, La Tinta and Tucurú
  • Baja Verapaz: Rabinal, Salamá and San Miguel Chicaj
  • Chiquimula: Camotán, Jocotán, Olopa, and San Jacinto

Assistance for Change and Economic Growth for Food Security (Asistencia para el Cambio y Crecimiento Económico por la Seguridad Alimentaria, ACCESO) - Feb-01-2023 / Jan-31-2026

  • Alta Verapaz: Cahabón, Lanquín, Carchá (Sesajal), Chisec, San Cristobal.
  • Totonicapán: Santa Lucia La Reforma, San Bartolo Aguas Calientes, Momostenango, Santa María Chiquimula.
  • San Marcos: Sibinal, San José Ojetenam, Tejutla, Comitancillo