A Future for His Family in Guatemala

The story of a farmer in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, and how USAID is providing an alternate choice over illegal migration to the United States. Read the story

This project supports the growth and economic resilience of agribusinesses through training in agricultural and business practices and technologies, diversification of value chains, and private sector investment.

The objective of this project is to increase agricultural incomes, improve resilience, and enhance nutritional outcomes for small farmers and their families in five departments of the Western Highlands. The project provides technical assistance and training on best agricultural practices and post-harvest management practices, introduces new technologies to improve agricultural productivity, supports the diversification of income-generating value chains, leverages private sector investment, increases access to markets, encourages the production of value-added products, strengthens the management and marketing capacity of agribusiness organizations, and promotes the adoption of climate-smart practices. This project also encourages families to increase the availability of animal protein and high-nutrient crops in their diets to improve household nutrition levels. To strengthen the agriculture and food security enabling environment and foster sustainable rural development, this project is working with central- and municipal-level governments to implement rural development, agriculture, and food security policies.

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This project is expected to run from August 7, 2017 through August 6, 2022 with an estimated total USAID investment of $36,209,098.

USAID’s implementer for this project is Agropecuaria Popoyán, S. A.


For more information, please contact Agropecuaria Popoyán at or by phone at (502) 2294-5200.

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