This project supports the dignified reception and sustainable reintegration of returned migrants to avoid repeat migration, linking returnees to employment and training opportunities so they can reintegrate into their communities. Also produces key data and analysis on migration dynamics to inform evidence-based policy-making and development programming.

The Integrated Responses on Migration project will focus on addressing gaps within the fundamental aspects of the reintegration needs of returning migrants. This will include activities such as the renovation of key reception centers along with the establishment of associated information management systems to register the returnees, develop protocols of return within countries, and those processes to guide operations as the first step on the reintegration process. Policy-level technical assistance will be provided to NTCA governments on reintegration planning, budgeting and assistance, and when applicable identification of gaps in migration laws and codes that could be practically reformed. Institutional strengthening will be provided to enhance national-local government capacity to support integration-related services, including improved service provision of psychosocial care, vocational and technical training skills, awareness of dangers in routes for irregular migration in coordination with education institutions, infrastructure improvements and other potential community-level interventions. Support for government coordination of bilateral/multilateral donor-led efforts on social and economic assistance to ensure proper targeting and coordination of assistance to both vulnerable returned migrants.

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This project is expected to run from February 21, 2020 through February 20, 2025 with an estimated total USAID investment of $33,702,077 across Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

USAID’s implementer for this project is International Organization of Migration (IOM).