Since 2000, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and partners have saved more than 75 million lives globally.

Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world’s leading infectious disease killers. Despite being preventable, treatable, and curable, this ancient disease continues to kill more people each year than HIV and malaria combined.

USAID leads the U.S. Government’s global TB efforts. As the largest bilateral TB donor, USAID has invested $4.7 billion dollars to combat TB since 2000 and has contributed to saving more than 75 million lives. Guided by USAID's Global TB Strategy 2023-2030, and in cooperation with Ministries of Health, USAID provides bilateral assistance in 24 countries with high burdens of TB.

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Through the Agency’s Global TB Strategy 2023-2030, USAID works with partners in the Agency’s 24 priority TB countries to achieve the global targets through activities categorized under the strategic objectives of Reach, Cure, Prevent, Innovate, and Sustain. In USAID’s 24 TB priority countries, the strategy aims to reduce TB incidence by 35% and TB mortality by 52% by 2030 with:


90% of individuals with TB diagnosed and initiated to treatment.
 90% of individuals with drug-resistant TB diagnosed and initiated on treatment.
 90% if individuals with drug-sensitive TB (DS-TB) and drub resistant TB successfully treated.
 30M eligible individuals provided with TB preventative treatment (TPT).


In 2020, COVID-19 had a devastating impact on TB efforts, reversing years of life-saving work. Over the past several years, TB programs in USAID’s 24 priority countries have innovated and adapted to recover from COVID-19’s setbacks. However, despite extensive efforts, in 2022, TB incidence continued to rise globally. In 2022, 10.6 million people contracted TB, and 1.3 million lost their lives to the deadly disease.

Regaining Lost Progress graphs | TB Notifications in USAID Priority Countries in millions, 2000-2022 | Estimated TB Mortality in USAID Priority Countries (per 10,000), 2000-2022 | Estimated TB Incidence in USAID Priority Countries (per 10,000), 2000-2022

USAID Priority Country Statistics: 2019-2022