A medical technician points to a chest xray
Photo credit: WHO

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Four men sit around a table and look at papers.
Photo credit: USAID Zimbabwe

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External Resources

A technician uses a Gene Xpert machine
Trishanty Rondonuwu/ Challenge TB/KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.

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TB News & Updates

A woman wearing a white head scarf holds up a sign about TB.
Photo credit: Friends of the Global Fight

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Success Stories

Staff members stand in front of a sign for Club Des Amis Dmaien
The Club Des Amis Damiens is made up of former TB patients who volunteer to work as community health workers.
Photo credit: CHW Central

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A crowd of people celebrate World TB Day 2016
Birru Shigut/Malawi National TB Control Program

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World TB Day

A woman points to a flip chart about tuberculosis
Women look through a TB flipchart that helps debunk TB myths and misconceptions in villages in the Philippines. 2016.
Photo credit: Emma Libao. Courtesy of USAID Philippines.

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Last updated: June 02, 2019

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