• TB Recovery Plans: USAID has developed urgent TB recovery efforts to address COVID-19's devastating impact on TB services in seven high burden countries.

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  • To accelerate action on TB, USAID has announced an innovative model, “The Global Accelerator to End Tuberculosis.”

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Since 2000, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and partners have saved more than 60 million lives globally.

Tuberculosis (TB) is the world’s leading infectious-disease killer. In calendar year 2019, TB took the lives of an estimated 1.4 million — more than HIV and malaria combined — and sickened an estimated 10 million people. Across the globe, millions of people suffer and die from this disease each year due to a range of factors including lack of access to services; lack of innovative tools to address the disease; weak health care and laboratory infrastructure; the challenges of diagnosing, difficulties administering and receiving treatment for drug-resistant TB (DR-TB); stigma and discrimination; and high risk of co-morbidities.

For more than 20 years, USAID has been a global leader in the fight against TB. USAID continues to lead the U.S. government’s global TB efforts, working with agencies and partners around the world to reach every person with TB, cure those in need of treatment, prevent the spread of new infections, and stop the progression to active TB disease.

In Fiscal Year 2019, significant progress was made toward reaching the targets set forth in the U.S. Government’s Global TB Strategy (2015-2019). In the 23 countries with bilateral funding, TB incidence decreased by 29 percent, TB mortality decreased by 47 percent, and TB case notifications increased by 126 percent since 2000. Over the five-year strategy period, in the 23 USAID-supported TB countries:

15.9M TB Patients Successfully Treated; 90% Treatment Success Rate; 473K+ DR-TB Patients Started on Treatment


USAID leads the U.S. Government’s global TB efforts by supporting bilateral programs in 23 priority TB countries and providing technical assistance to 55 countries.

From 2018-2022, 40 million people will be on treatment for TB.

As part of the Agency’s commitment to sustainability, USAID launched its TB business model, the Global Accelerator to End TB, in September 2018. The Accelerator increases commitment from, and builds the capacity of, governments, civil society, and the private sector to accelerate national progress in reaching the global targets set forth at the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB. To ensure the Accelerator’s effectiveness and increased transparency, USAID uses standardized data collection and performance-based indicators that align with the targets. Through the Accelerator, USAID continues to promote prevention strategies, improve patient-centric care, strengthen service delivery, and provide new TB diagnostics and drugs in the fight against TB. To address the specific challenges of MDR-TB patients, USAID is expanding the availability of new MDR-TB drugs and regimens that save lives, as well as investing in pivotal clinical trials.

In Fiscal Year 2019, USAID TB investments totaled $306 million. Working together with other partners and each country’s National TB Program, the following results were achieved:

4.8M TB cases detected; 5% Increase in TB case-notification; 88% Treatment success rate; 109K individuals with DR-TB started on appropriate treatment; 57K Health workers trained; 6 Research studies supported that focused on new treatment regimens


Last updated: June 04, 2021

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