Since the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, USAID has remained committed to helping Ukraine win the war against the Kremlin’s aggression and, ultimately, win the peace by emerging strong and capable of continuing to advance as a sovereign, independent, democratic, and prosperous society, free to choose its own future. 

USAID has focused on meeting Ukraine’s urgent needs, while maintaining support for long-term development goals: helping Ukraine maintain a well-functioning state with strong institutions free of corruption; fostering a vibrant, inclusive economy, a free press and robust civil society; encouraging greater citizen engagement in civic activities and democratic processes; and helping build a health system that is transparent, efficient, and responsive to the needs of the Ukrainian people.

To help meet Ukraine’s wartime needs and lay the foundation for a successful recovery, USAID has provided $13 billion in direct budget support, helping the Government of Ukraine fund basic public services like healthcare, education, and emergency response; $1.4 billion in humanitarian assistance to save lives and meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian people; and over $800 million in development assistance to bolster Ukraine’s energy grid, governance institutions, agriculture, small businesses, and civil society in wartime, while also remaining focused on what will be needed for recovery and reconstruction. 

And we continue to bolster Ukrainian efforts to fight corruption at every level to build public trust, maintain donor support, attract private sector investment, safeguard the country’s institutions, and speed up its integration with its European neighbors.


The U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum is organized by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in partnerships with USAID, the Department of State, Department of Commerce, and supported by the Embassy of Ukraine.

The forum brings together senior business executives, government officials, and other thought leaders to discuss needs and opportunities in Ukraine.

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