Subject: Update to the USAID Implementing Partner Community Regarding Ukraine

We recognize that the USAID Implementing Partner (IP) community is closely tracking the crisis in Ukraine and considers the safety and security of staff to be of paramount importance. We at USAID wholeheartedly share this concern. 

The USAID/Ukraine Regional Contracting Office, in close consultation with USAID’s M/OAA, has led a proactive engagement with IPs through written guidance and IP town halls. 

Regarding awards that are administered by Washington-based Contracting/Agreement Officers involving implementation in Ukraine, equivalent guidance has been provided to those IPs. We wish to thank our IPs for their continued dedication and efforts to both protect staff while implementing critical programming.

January 12, 2022:USAID/Ukraine Regional Contracting Office (RCO) initial data call to Implementing Partners (IP) on number of staff and expatriate dependents in-country (U.S./TCN/and Ukrainians).*

January 21, 2022:

USAID/Ukraine RCO issued note to all IPs providing general information available through USG sources and social media. [PDF 91K] This includes DoS Travel Advisory and US Embassy Security Alert. This included the announcement of an IP Meeting to be held later in the month.

January 25, 2022:USAID/Ukraine RCO letter to Ukraine Mission IPs providing instructions and administrative approvals for the reimbursement of evacuation costs for US and TCN employees. This letter also authorized the continued payment of salaries, authorized remote work, and authorized extensions to deliverable dates. [PDF 296K]
January 27, 2022:

USAID/Ukraine RCO led an IP Meeting including the Mission Director, Regional Security Officer, USAID SEC, and Q&A.

Agenda [PDF 293K]
Slide deck [PDF 422K]
Q&A from Partners [PDF 124K]

February 3, 2022:USAID’s Office of Security, training branch, hosted an Emergency Preparedness briefing/training for IPs.
February 3, 2022:

USAID/Ukraine issued a message to partners.

February 3, 2022:USAID/Ukraine RCO follow-up data call to IPs on number of staff and expatriate dependents in-country (U.S./TCN/and Ukrainians).*
February 12, 2022:USAID/Ukraine Update to Implementing Partners on the Situation in Ukraine [PDF 91K]
February 16, 2022:

USAID/Ukraine RCO led a second IP Meeting including the Mission Director, Embassy Political Counselor, USAID/SEC, and Q&A session.

Agenda [PDF 259K]
Q&A from Meeting [PDF 81K]

February 17, 2022:

USAID/UkraineRCO follow-up data call to IPs on number of staff and expatriate dependents in-country (U.S./TCN/and Ukrainians).*
February 21, 2022:USAID/Ukraine issued message to partners [PDF 55K]USAID/Ukraine RCO led a third IP Meeting with presentations from the Mission Director, Program Office, USAID SEC, RCO, and Q&A.

Agenda [PDF 257K]
February 23, 2022:USAID/Ukraine RCO email  to Ukraine Mission IPs providing a 30-day extension (through March 23, 2022) to the authorities highlighted in the January 25, 2022 letter described above. [PDF 74K]
February 25, 2022:USAID/Ukraine issued notice to review Personally Identifiable Information
February 26, 2022:USAID/Ukraine RCO issued updated Guidance to USAID/Ukraine IPs on Operations in Ukraine and Administrative Approvals
February 26, 2022:

Ukraine Land Border Crossing Options [PDF 102K]

Information for Ukrainians and foreigners wanting to leave Ukraine [PDF 73K]

March 4, 2022: 

USAID/Ukraine RCO hosted its fourth IP meeting. 

March 7, 2022: Branding and Marking and Source and Nationality Waivers [PDF 79K]
March 22, 2022:Notification of Extension (30-days) - USAID/Ukraine Evacuation Authorities  [PDF 83K]
March 24, 2022:

USAID/Ukraine Virtual IP Meeting. 

May 20, 2022


* Data calls were sent to each partner separately. 

Regarding authorizations and approvals referenced above, please refer to the specific letter issued by the cognizant Contracting/Agreement Officer for the applicable terms and conditions of such authorizations and approvals.  Copies of referenced communications, Q&A documents, and meeting presentations and agendas are available upon request.

In addition to the broadly- held IP meetings described above, the Chargé d'affaires and Mission Director held an in-person meeting with IPs located in Lviv on February 17, 2022, and the Mission Director spoke individually with remaining American citizen IP staff in-country on February 20, 2022 to address matters relating to evacuation.

Additional written guidance and IP meetings are planned, and USAID expects to maintain close communications with IPs and adjust the parameters of authorizations and approvals as the situation develops. Communications and notices regarding IP meetings will be shared through USAID’s Industry Liaison. USAID aims to be forward leaning in terms of taking care of our IP staff and supporting IP flexibility in a time of crisis.  We appreciate hearing from you about additional concerns, suggestions, and feedback at this stage. Again, we are very appreciative of our IPs’ efforts under immensely challenging circumstances.

To receive alerts from USAID on the situation, please contact to be added to the email list.