Agriculture and Food Security

Our programs strengthen the resilience of the agricultural sector to weather-related shocks and reduce food insecurity among Somalia’s most vulnerable populations by providing emergency food and nutrition assistance and diversifying both rural and urban livelihoods. We help build resilient households and communities by supporting disaster risk reduction activities designed to protect and restore livelihood assets and support economic recovery. We work together with humanitarian partners to assist in emergency health, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

USAID promotes effective and accountable governance across Somalia. We enhance government outreach, increase citizen participation in political and electoral processes, improve capacity of key government institutions to be responsive to citizens’ needs, and expand women’s participation and leadership in democratic processes.

Economic Growth and Trade

We advance inclusive economic growth in Somalia by improving the investment climate and strengthening key sectors of the economy, including livestock, dairy, farming, agri-business, fisheries, and renewable energy. We work with local authorities and the private sector to accelerate Somalia’s integration into the global economy by enhancing the country’s competitiveness in export markets, reducing reliance on imports, increasing market linkages and business partnerships, and spurring new investments to create jobs.


USAID increases access to quality education for out-of-school children and youth.  Our programs focus on increasing enrollment for girls and other marginalized children, training teachers, providing learning materials, and helping youth to connect to economic opportunities. We build household and community resilience through accelerated basic education that leads to safer schools and improved literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills.

Working in Crises and Conflict

Our programs improve citizen confidence in government by empowering women, youth, and other marginalized groups to actively participate in community-identified projects - laying the foundation at the local level for the political stability that is required for longer term development efforts to take root.  We support social reconciliation, trauma healing, and community resilience to peacefully manage conflict and prevent a resurgence of violence.

Stronger markets improve family incomes and build stability
Elaine Eliah/DAI