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A man, two kids and a woman greeting while walking on a bridge in the rain forest in Peru

After more than 60 years in Peru, USAID has evolved from providing assistance for basic service delivery and economic growth, to supporting a strategic partnership that advances shared U.S. and Peruvian interests.

These efforts are aligned with U.S. national security and foreign policy goals to promote security and rule of law in the Americas and sustain strong economic growth and trade.


Sustainable development in areas affected by illicit coca production

Cocaine production in Peru sustains an illegal industry that promotes crime, damages the social fabric, threatens governance, degrades the environment, and harms the economy of local communities. 

In this context, USAID supports Peru in the design and implementation of a sustainable development model which contributes to generating new opportunities for populations at risk. 
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Environment and climate resilience

The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical forest in the world. In recent decades, legal and illegal logging, mining, and agriculture have expanded to threaten the future of this important biome.

USAID partners with host governments, indigenous groups, civil society, and the private sector, to conserve biodiversity, increase resilience to climate change, develop sustainable economic opportunities, increase water security, and combat environmental crimes.
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Democracy, human rights and governance

Effective government institutions that represent the interests of all citizens are essential for peace and prosperity. Responding to increasing citizen discontent and interest from the Government of Peru to strengthen its institutions, USAID has partnered with civil society organizations, public-sector institutions, and private-sector partners to strengthen the responsiveness, transparency, and accountability of national and subnational governments. 
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Over six million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela, seeking opportunities throughout South America. This rapid and continued influx of migrants has strained their host countries' capacity to absorb such an unprecedented and large inflow of people. Migrants and refugees need legal protections, social support, and economic opportunities to integrate and thrive in their host countries.

To face these challenges, USAID is committed to supporting the socio-economic integration process as a long-term development goal.
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Global Health Security

USAID aims to enhance Peru's Global Health Security framework by adopting a comprehensive approach that involves the whole of society and considers the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health (known as One Health). The goal is to proactively address and reduce the frequency and impact of epidemics, pandemics, and other emerging infectious diseases, as well as other health risks.
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USAID's Country Strategy in Peru

The USAID's Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) is a five-year strategic framework for advancing sustainable development and collaboration. Aligned with the priorities of U.S. foreign policy goals and Peru's national development plans, it establishes a high-level goal and several development objectives in areas such as sustainable development, governance, environment, and migration.