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Social and Economic Integration of Venezuelan Migrants


Over six million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela, seeking stability, security, and economic opportunities throughout South America. This exodus represents one of the largest external displacement crises in the world, posing urgent challenges for the migrant communities and their host countries.

After several years since the migration wave started, continued barriers remain, including; access to regularization and livelihoods, a political environment not favorable to migrants, and rising xenophobia. The majority of migrants and refugees are working in the informal market which is an economic loss for host nations. Besides, half of migrants are women who continue to face sexual exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, gender-based violence (GBV), discrimination, and xenophobia.

To face these challenges, USAID points their efforts towards the integration into society and formal economy of the migrant population.


USAID seeks to improve the socio-economic integration of migrants and refugees in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. This is accomplished through a mix of activities which are focused on enabling migrants and refugees to secure a sustainable livelihood in their host country.

Major lines of activity include:

  • legal status pathways
  • improved access to financial services
  • opportunities to access the labor market through training, degree validation, job placement support and outreach to the private sector
  • training and support for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs

Paramount to USAID’s objectives is that sustainable socio-economic integration requires a holistic support that recognizes that equitable access to regular status, employment, education, and health services are fundamental rights and necessary for their integration in their host countries.

Collaborating with public officials, private sector entities and community groups will contribute to a more rapid regularization of migratory status and to ensure equitable access to education and health resources.


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