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USAID works with Mozambicans to improve health, education, and food security
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Agriculture and Food Security

Through Feed the Future, USAID is helping thousands of vulnerable households improve their food security by adopting more productive agriculture technologies, improving nutrition and health, and connecting farmers to markets. USAID is also developing and strengthening farmer associations and agribusinesses to improve business practices and increase sales.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

USAID has worked to increase transparency and accountability in local governments in order to improve their capacity to deliver quality public services to all Mozambicans. USAID also supports capacity-building for civil society, the media and the judicial system.

Economic Growth and Trade

In Mozambique, USAID is working to help private sector businesses become more competitive, thus generating more trade and investment opportunities. USAID is focused on increasing growth in the agriculture and tourism sectors, which show strong potential to attract private investment and create jobs. USAID’s trade program works with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to strengthen its ability to implement reforms for a better business environment.


USAID’s education program in Mozambique will focus on improving early reading outcomes in second and third grades. The program focuses on increasing effective teaching and reading materials, greater parent participation, and increased transparency and accountability for administrators.


USAID’s environment program works with a wide range of public and private partners to promote a sustainable approach to tourism, given the country’s vast biodiversity and natural resources. USAID is also working to increase reliance to climate shocks in select coastal cities.

Global Health

Despite some of the worst health indicators in Africa, Mozambique has made significant progress in reducing mortality rates and improving access to primary health services. USAID and the Ministry of Health are building the capacity of the public health system to ensure that quality basic health services are more accessible to the rural poor.

Last updated: June 13, 2017

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