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Women and youth remain a high priority for USAID’s job creation efforts.
Women and youth remain a high priority for USAID’s job creation efforts.
Olivier Leblanc

The USAID Kyrgyz Republic Agro Trade Project works to increase jobs and incomes in Kyrgyzstan by enhancing competitiveness of Kyrgyz agricultural businesses and expanding trade with Uzbekistan.

Duration: July 2020 – June 2025

Funding level: $15 million

Implementing Partner: Chemonics International Inc

Key Partner: ACDI/VOCA

Activity Locations: Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken provinces


The project will support job creation in south Kyrgyzstan by strengthening so called value chains: starting from harvesting to final products ready for market. The project will focus on increasing productivity of enterprises and upgrade processing of agricultural products. It will also work with local partners to improve the business environment, build international business-to-business (B2B) linkages, expand access to finance for agricultural businesses. Women and youth remain a high priority for USAID’s job creation efforts.


In five years, the project expects to achieve the following results:

  • Economic value added through more inclusive (particularly women) jobs and sales for southern Kyrgyzstani agribusiness and farmers
  • Increased cross-border and regional trade links between Kyrgyzstan and the Ferghana Valley
  • Improved enabling environment for increased Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan market integration

The USAID Agro Trade Activity will increase economic opportunity in the southern Kyrgyzstan by improving the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and farms in the region. 

USAID will support local businesses and farmers to increase agricultural land productivity so that they can increase production. With the project support, they will also learn how to market their products better in order to increase sales at local and foreign markets (particularly Uzbekistan). 

The project will focus on building regional trade links to Uzbekistan and increasing trade within those links. Improving trade will require facilitating contacts, organizing trade fairs and improving value chain logistics so that businesses from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have stronger ties. The project will also work on improving the policies and overall operating environment for Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan market integration.

Last updated: March 15, 2021

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