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January 22, 2021

Meriton Binakaj is currently enrolled in online courses to finish high school.  “I couldn’t have done it before since I had a long recovery period from my accident,” he says.  Besides his high school classes, Meriton spends his time virtually participating in USAID’s Up to Youth activities.  Since joining the older cohort of youth in Gjakovë/Đakovica municipality, he has participated in various Up to Youth life-skills training courses, learning about critical thinking, effective communication, community asset mapping, entrepreneurship, and rapid market assessment.

January 22, 2021

Kosovo is one of only five countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia that improved their overall civil society organization (CSO) sustainability scores in 2019.  Kosovo improved in every dimension of the USAID-funded CSO Sustainability Index, with CSO advocacy highlighted as a bright spot of the report.  USAID Democracy and Governance Office Director Christina Davis delivered a video message during the live virtual launch of the report in Kosovo on November 25, congratulating civil society organizations on their achievements.

January 22, 2021

Grooming the next generation of Kosovo-Serb legal professionals is critical to the continuing success of justice integration, as nearly 40 percent of Kosovo-Serb judges will retire in the next five years.  The ultimate goal of a unified justice system is to deliver equal justice to Kosovo citizens of all ethnic backgrounds.  When the parallel Serbian courts were integrated into Kosovo's justice system in 2017, Milena Petkovic and others studying Serbian law at university had to quickly learn about the Kosovo system they hoped soon to join.  USAID's Justice System Strengthening Program creat

January 8, 2021

The Week of Women (WoW) event, launched by USAID-supported National Democratic Institute (NDI) on December 15, is an annual nationwide event that gathers, in a cross-ethnic setting, hundreds of women and men from political parties, civil society, business, media, and academia.  The event provides a critical venue for policy debate and intensive discussion and aims to expand the leadership skills of local women.  U.S. Ambassador Philip S.

January 6, 2021

Legalization of unpermitted construction in Kosovo benefits citizens, as it ensures full access and benefits of property rights and allows citizens and businesses to use legalized buildings as collateral to finance other investment activities.  In response to these demands from citizens and municipalities, USAID supported the Kosovo Ministry of Economy and Environment to streamline the building legalization procedure, reduce costs, and engage in active public outreach on the legalization of buildings that were built without the proper permits.  USAID also supported an electronic tracking to


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