The Northern WoW TEAM

Tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) remain large problems in Nigeria. To improve TB case detection and treatment, USAID supports Wellness on Wheels (WoW) Mobile Diagnostic Units in 14 high TB burden states. Implemented by USAID local partner KNCV Nigeria, these trucks engage in active case finding, and then refer those who test positive for treatment.

The WoW trucks have proven to be successful in detecting TB cases. In a remote area in Kano State, Hauwa Suleiman, a young woman, attended a WoW TB screening outreach event. When she arrived, Hauwa was so emaciated, weak, and in pain that she could not climb up the stairs into the radiography unit to be tested. The WoW truck driver had to lift her up for a chest x-ray. When the x-ray showed she was presumptive for TB, the unit collected a sputum sample for further testing to confirm her diagnosis.

After the tests, Hauwa’s doctor followed the standard procedure of working in coordination with local government TB supervisors to refer her to a nearby clinic to begin her treatment.

After three months of treatment, Hauwa returned to the WoW truck to thank the staff for their assistance and update them on her progress in treatment.

“Three months later, we received a most pleasant surprise,” said Chimezie Dimpka, an active case finding radiographer on the WoW truck. “We heard a knock on the radiography unit door, and guess who was smiling back at us? The very same lady. Her countenance was brighter, she looked healthy, and better yet, she walked up the stairs on her own. Our joy could not be quantified on hearing her testimony. She even came along with her son, so he could see the people who made his mum happy again.”