USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) is the world's largest single donor of international food assistance, helping more than 60 million hungry people in nearly 60 countries every year. For more than 65 years, we have conveyed the compassion and goodwill of the American people by saving lives and reducing hunger and malnutrition around the world.

USAID works with partners to provide lifesaving food assistance to the most vulnerable around the world and reduce hunger and malnutrition so that people have adequate, safe and nutritious food. Alleviating global hunger is critical to U.S. national security: where hunger persists, instability grows. By supporting the world's most vulnerable, USAID is building a more stable world and empowering people to lead healthy, productive lives.

Through emergency food assistance activities, USAID saves lives, reduces suffering, and supports the early recovery of people affected by conflict and natural disasters, including refugees. Our emergency food assistance is provided in the form of food, cash transfers or food vouchers. Learn more about our response modalities.

BHA also supports multi-year resilience food security activities that enhance the resilience of vulnerable populations around the world. These activities aim to build people's capacities to better manage shocks and stresses by combating malnutrition, reducing morbidity and mortality, promoting economic growth, minimizing disaster risks, improving food security, and adapting to climate change.



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