Seizing Opportunities and Mitigating Risks

To ensure USAID and our partners fully seize the opportunities and appropriately mitigate the risks that digital technology presents, we must employ a principled approach to apply digital development effectively and responsibly throughout our Program Cycle. USAID is building on our years of work in key digital fields to develop and provide coherent programming guidance applicable to all sectors. These resources will guide the secure and appropriate use of digital technology in strategic planning, the design and implementation of projects and activities, collaborative learning and adapting, and monitoring and evaluation. 

As the nature of opportunity and risk continues to evolve in the fast-moving world of digital technology, USAID remains flexible in how we endeavor to address risk and seize opportunity, with an aim to learn and adapt throughout the process of implementation. 

Learn more about USAID’s initiatives addressing opportunity and risks: 

Graphic depicting components of the Helping Partners Navigate Risk and Reward Implementing Track