USAID’s first Digital Strategy charts an agency-wide approach to development in a rapidly evolving digital age. The Strategy seeks to achieve and sustain open, secure, and inclusive digital ecosystems that contribute to broad-based, measurable development and humanitarian assistance outcomes.


Looking for a quick read? Read the Digital Strategy factsheet for an overview of the basics or watch this video

To help achieve the Digital Strategy’s goal to strengthen open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems, USAID developed the Digital Ecosystem Framework. This Framework provides a way to understand a country’s digital operating environment and inform the design of effective, sustainable projects and activities. Download and read the Digital Ecosystem Framework!

Technology has served as both an advantage and a hindrance during the COVID-19 digital response, and development is no exception. Read more about USAID’s Considerations for COVID-19 in digital development

To achieve the overall goal of the Strategy, USAID is undertaking a wide variety of initiatives under four tracks:



For a complete list of Digital Strategy-related products, please visit our resources page.