USAID defines localization as the set of internal reforms, actions, and behavior changes that we are undertaking to ensure our work puts local actors in the lead, strengthens local systems, and is responsive to local communities. 

We are committed to shifting the funding and the decision-making power to the people, organizations and institutions that are driving change in communities. 

In Burundi, several important awards are already in the hands of our local implementing partners, and we are working on growing this number.  We have recently concluded a large outreach campaign aimed at identifying and connecting with new potential local partners.

USAID/Burundi technical experts are constantly in touch with organizations, activists, leaders and program participants. We seek their ideas, feedback, opinions and cross-check them with the available statistics and research. We combine these findings with our evidence-based approach tools and further involve local partners in crafting new activities.

A fact sheet with more detail about our work on localization in Burundi will be available on this page shortly.

If you are a local organization looking to start working with USAID, please see the list of valuable resources below, but also visit our Work With Us page.

Valuable resources:

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