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USAID Logo Files:

RGB files (for web, digital, video, and office printers):
2-Color, Black-Only, White,
Social Media Profile

CMYK files (for professional offset printing):
2-Color, Black-Only, White

Pantone files (for spot color and screen printing):

USAID Logo Files with Translated Tagline:

Download logo files with translated tagline here.


To access the 2023 USAID templates you will need to 'make a copy' through a USAID email or gmail account. Once you 'make a copy' you will be able to share editing access with staff outside of the Google Suite.


Social Media Icons

Color Combinations:

Suggested color combinations

Photography and Video:

Photo Guide for Partners

To obtain access to video bumpers, please contact your relevant USAID person of contact on communications and branding matters.

Merchandise and Labels

View a list of suppliers of USAID merchandise and labels.

Presidential and Interagency Initiatives:

The Administrator of USAID has approved unique branding for the following presidential and interagency initiatives.



Beneficiaries of U.S. aid receive billions of dollars of foreign assistance every year, often with little to no awareness that the assistance is provided by the American people. American aid is clearly one of the "good-news stories" overseas and yet too little attention has been paid to making that story visible.