At USAID, we believe that when we increase incomes and opportunities for women, entire communities, economies, and countries benefit. Women’s economic security is essential to the realization of their human rights and fundamental freedoms and to advancing inclusive economic growth that strengthens communities, promotes peaceful nations, and builds resilient economies.

The United States Government developed the first-ever interagency Strategy on Global Women’s Economic Security, which envisions a world in which women and girls are able to fully, meaningfully, and equally contribute to, and benefit from, economic growth and global prosperity. Through this Strategy, we will:

  • Promote Economic Competitiveness and Reduce Wage Gaps through Well-Paying, Quality Jobs
  • Advance Care Infrastructure and Value Domestic Work
  • Promote Entrepreneurship and Financial and Digital Inclusion, including through Trade and Investment; and
  • Dismantle Systemic Barriers to Women’s Equitable Participation in the Economy

One way that USAID is unlocking the full economic potential of women around the world is through the Gender Equity and Equality Action (GEEA) Fund, which USAID manages and is implemented by USAID and the State Department. The GEEA Fund advances economic security for women and girls by increasing their access to resources, services, and leadership opportunities, and by addressing systemic barriers that limit their ability to participate fully in the economy. USAID, through the GEEA Fund, invests in partners around the world, prioritizing programs that address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19, climate change, conflict, and crisis on women and girls.

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