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USAID supports persons with disabilities in Danang.
USAID supports persons with disabilities in Danang.
Richard Nyberg/USAID

Vietnam and the United States began working together in 1989, when USAID launched programs benefiting Vietnamese with disabilities through the Patrick Leahy War Victims Fund and the Displaced Children and Orphans Fund. People with disabilities throughout Vietnam received rehabilitative services, prosthetics and orthopedic support devices, and improved care through training of doctors and other health workers.

Currently, USAID manages programs in HIV/AIDS, avian and pandemic influenza, economic growth, governance, higher education, environmental remediation, climate change, support to persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations, anti-trafficking in persons, and disaster assistance. USAID played a key role in helping Vietnam reach out to global markets through its accession to the World Trade Organization and the Vietnam-U.S. Bilateral Trade Agreement. In partnership with the Government of Vietnam, we continue to promote greater market integration through our support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was signed in 2016. We are also joining hands with our Vietnamese counterparts on a historic project to clean up dioxin contamination at Danang Airport, where Agent Orange was stored and handled..

Last updated: August 01, 2016

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