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Zanzibar  – The Zanzibar Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals, in partnership with USAID's Power Africa initiative, hosted the Zanzibar Renewable Energy Workshop, uniting hospitality industry stakeholders and renewable energy companies. 

USAID is proud to be supporting the hospitality industry in Zanzibar, and ensuring that the most profitable sector in the Zanzibar economy has reliable access to energy for the hotels and resorts which receive thousands of visitors annually. 

The workshop promoted renewable energy solutions for Zanzibar’s hospitality industry, connecting hotels with companies offering customized energy solutions. Panel discussions and presentations on off-grid renewable energy by industry experts were followed by an exhibition showcasing these solutions.

“USAID and Power Africa were pleased to collaborate with the Government of Zanzibar on promoting the use of  renewable energy solutions for the hotel industry,” said Plato Hieronimus, USAID/Tanzania Economic Growth Deputy Office Director. “We hope that the deliberations that took place during the workshop will yield actionable results that Zanzibar can use to create an enabling environment for development.”

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has also identified renewable energy generation as critical for growth in this important sector. Relying on renewable energy sources will ensure a stable and affordable power supply for hotels, which can be scaled up or down based on seasons and demand, providing both cost and resource savings.

“We are excited about the use of renewable energy as an alternative source of energy to power our hotels and cater for the needs of the tourism sector,” said Honorable Shaib H. Kaduara, the Minister of Water, Energy and Minerals. “The use of renewable energy will keep our hotels powered, lit and functioning, which will in turn strengthen the tourism sector and Zanzibar’s economy.”

As the world seeks to meet its ever-growing demand for energy, and with the threat of climate change looming, Zanzibar is working towards achieving energy autonomy and reliability by exploring the opportunities presented by renewable energy. USAID and Power Africa are proud to promote the adoption of clean, affordable and reliable sources of energy.

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In Photo: Front row from left to right: (1) Ms. Sumaya Mahomed, On-grid Lead - EECA (2) Mr. Plato Hieronimus, Acting Director Economic Growth, USAID/Tanzania (3) Eng. Mohammed Hassan Khamis, Director of Planning, Policy and Research, Ministry of Energy ZNZ (4) Ms. Jamila Abbas, Director for Economic Regulation - ZURA and (5) Eng. Said Hamad Baker, Project Development Officer -ZECO Back row: Government of Zanzibar officials from ZECO, ZURA and Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals Zanzibar.
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