The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity

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Improving health and resilience in Tajikistan through increased sustainable access to safe drinking water in rural communities.

The Government of Tajikistan has taken concrete steps in passing legislation to improve the quality and accessibility of goods and services in rural areas, notably addressing access to drinking water. However, progress remains slow due to a lack of capacity and funds. The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity provides a range of technical support to the Government of Tajikistan, specifically local governments, to deliver sustainable drinking water services in under-served rural areas. Creating access to safe drinking water will lead to the improved health and resilience of communities, while also supporting Tajikistan on its journey to self-reliance.


The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity supports small-scale rehabilitation of drinking water infrastructure in targeted rural communities along with training and guidance to establish cost efficient, financially viable, business models for safe drinking water services. The activity uses a holistic systems approach to strengthen technical, financial, managerial and planning capacities of rural drinking water providers, while also improving communications with local authorities and served communities.


The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity builds the capacity of local communities, notably women and youth, to voice their drinking water needs and expectations, and monitor the performance of rural drinking water providers. By improving the quality of drinking water services, equity of access, and the willingness of customers to pay for services, the provision of water services will become financially sustainable.

Partnership with private sector

The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity introduces innovative technologies and offers resources to fund and operate rural drinking water services creating a favorable environment to attract private sector businesses.


The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity will rehabilitate, upgrade, and/or expand 12 rural drinking water supply systems to serve at least 35,000 people as well as 10 schools and health facilities. Collaboration with local government, drinking water providers, and target communities will ensure reliable and sustainable potable water services. This experience will be disseminated to other communities in Tajikistan through success stories and workshops for government officials, entrepreneurs, and community representatives.

To ensure improvements are sustained, the USAID Rural Water Supply Activity will aim to achieve three mutually reinforcing intermediate results:

  • Increase access to safely managed drinking water in rural Tajikistan through the rehabilitation or construction of small-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Establish reliable and commercially viable drinking water services through improved management and access to finance.
  • Increase engagement of communities in oversight and accountability of drinking water service providers.


October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2025


 Chemonics International, Inc.


Daler Asrorov
Project Management Specialist

Eric Viala
Chief of Party
The USAID Rural Water Supply Activity
Chemonics International Inc.

Last updated: March 09, 2021

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