USAID is helping Serbia make its governance institutions stronger and more accountable to the people.  In the governance area, USAID activities are increasing the transparency of Serbia’s public procurement process, regulations, and systems, and improve the transparency and efficiency of the e-health systems.  To reduce energy dependence, USAID is helping the government develop effective policies that accelerate energy diversification and energy efficiency improvements.  USAID is also working to build the capacity of civil society organizations and citizens to work together to effectively advocate for their needs and to effect positive change in their communities and improve regional reconciliation.  Similarly, USAID is working with independent media to reach larger audiences with timely, accurate reporting. To do this, we are helping them build innovative and attractive e-platforms, to improve their business practices, and to access long-term financing.  USAID activities also bolster political pluralism in Serbia by increasing citizen-driven dialogue with political actors and supporting long-standing efforts to improve the transparency and integrity of the electoral process.

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