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USAID is helping Serbia make its governance institutions stronger and more accountable to the people.  Activities strengthen Serbia’s rule of law by improving the independence, efficiency, and professionalism of the Serbian judiciary.  Anti-corruption assistance increases the capacity of independent agencies to execute their mandates, helps local governments adopt more transparent practices, and bolsters the adjudication of corruption cases. USAID support to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) strengthens their sustainability, increases their ability to represent citizens’ concerns, and expands their capacity to affect change. USAID also supports efforts to promote media independence. 

Current programs that contribute to this process include: 

USAID Rule of Law project

The USAID Rule of Law (ROL) project is a four-year, $9.8 million project supporting justice sector reforms that enhance the timely delivery of justice for Serbian citizens.  The project works with the courts, public enforcement agents and the State Attorney’s Office to increase increased judicial efficiency, transparency and access to justice.

For more information, please see http://www.rolps.org

USAID Government Accountability Initiative

The Serbia Government Accountability Initiative (GAI) is a four-year, $8.5 million activity that works with key Serbian stakeholders to increase government accountability at the national and local levels.

Last updated: March 29, 2019

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