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USAID’s wide-ranging effort to drive transformative development results, spotlights the importance of high-quality monitoring and evaluation, along with active-learning and adaptive management strategies at all levels. Redeveloped by the Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovations (DDI) Center for Market Development and Economics (EMD), Project Starter introduces Program Cycle topics and provides relevant and up-to-date guidance, templates, examples, and checklists you need in order to work efficiently and excel at design, monitoring, evaluation, and Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA) in USAID trade-facilitation projects and activities.




Stay current with the latest USAID guidance and developments tailored to trade facilitation—all in one place. This DDI Toolkit guidance is current with USAID’s policies and requirements, including the 9/28/2022 update of USAID’s Automated Directives System (ADS). Please note that as a public site, there are some resources, particularly around Project Design, which are behind USAID firewall and are not available to non-USAID personnel.USAID Learning Lab is the primary source at USAID for comprehensive guidance around MEL and CLA. Project Starter compliments Learning Lab by introducing key topics in these pages, and linking relevant documents and templates housed on Learning Lab.Project Starter content focuses on delivering high quality MEL activities from a trade facilitation lens. Throughout these pages we bring in the most contemporary examples which can serve as a starting point when thinking through trade MEL deliverables.

Project Starter is structured parallel to ADS 201, in which viewers can learn about Strategy Design and Implementation (ADS, Activity Design and Implementation, MEL, and CLA).

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