USAID has identified and published the following systems of record notices (SORNs) in the Federal Register: 

System IDSystem NameFederal Register CitationExemption
USAID-01Foreign Service Personnel Records80 FR 11387 
USAID-04Position Classification Records42 FR 47375 
USAID-08Personnel Security and Suitability Investigations Records87 FR 28794Exemptions: (k)(1), (k)(2), (k)(5)
USAID-09Criminal Law Enforcement Records78 FR 23204 Exemptions: (j)(2); (k)(1), (k)(2)
USAID-10Employee Relations Records42 FR 47377 Exemption: (k)(5)
USAID-16Employee Time, Attendance, and Payroll Records80 FR 481 
USAID-17Employee-Owned or Leased Property Records42 FR 47382 
USAID-18Employee Use of Property Owned or Leased by the U.S. Government Records42 FR 47382 
USAID-19Travel and Transportation Records86 FR 71226 
USAID-20Claims Records42 FR 47383 
USAID-21Public Information Records48 FR 22371 
USAID-22Congressional Relations, Inquiries, and Travel Records87 FR 28786 
USAID-25Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and Mandatory Declassification Review Requests Records79 FR 7164 
USAID-26Litigation Records87 FR 28797Exemptions: (k)(1), (k)(2), (k)(5)
USAID-27Partner Vetting System87 FR 3109 Exemptions: (j)(2), (k)(1), (k)(2), (k)(5)
USAID-28Personnel Locator88 FR 20848 
USAID-029On-Line Collaboration Records75 FR 4526 
USAID-30Google Apps87 FR 28791 
USAID-31HSPD-12 PIV Lifecycle Management77 FR 11063 
USAID-32Reasonable Accommodation Records81 FR 70085 
USAID-33Phoenix Financial Management System77 FR 73973 
USAID-34Personal Services Contracts Records87 FR 28788 
USAID-35Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Records87 FR 3067 

The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) publishes a biennial list of federal agency SORNs. You can see USAID's compiled list on the website.

Deleted systems of record:

Government-wide Systems of Record

USAID has systems which are covered by government-wide systems of record notices. Those systems of records notices are indexed here:

Privacy Act Implementation Rules

Purusuant to section (f) of the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C 552a(f)), USAID has published Privacy Act implementation rules in 22 CFR 215.1 to 215.14.

  • Rules governing record request procedures are in section 215.3.  
  • Rules governing times, places, and requirements for indentification are in section 215.4.
  • Rules governing requests for corrections or amendments are in section 215.7
  • Rules governing an appeal of an initial adverse agency determination are in section 215.9.
  • Fees are governed by section 215.11.


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