Preventing Child and Maternal Deaths: 2024 Annual Report to Congress

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USAID envisions a world where all women, newborns, and children survive, are healthy, and able to develop and reach their full potential, contributing to the development of their communities and countries. 

2024 Annual Report to Congress

This year's report encapsulates the impact of USAID’s global programming in reducing maternal and child mortality rates, presenting comprehensive data and projections that illuminate progress towards shared targets. Through compelling stories of those touched by our programs, we witness the transformative effect of USAID's efforts firsthand. Additionally, the inclusion of newly published data underscores the significant strides made in maternal and child survival within USAID-supported countries, emphasizing the need for sustained collaboration and innovation to ensure a future where every mother and child not only survives but flourishes.

USAID’s maternal and child survival programs have helped to save the lives of more than 7.4 million women and children over the past decade.

Delivering Lifesaving Results for Women, Children, and Families

TUSAID’s maternal and child survival programs integrate multiple health interventions and approaches, including maternal, newborn, and child health, reproductive health and family planning, nutrition, infectious disease control, and water, sanitation, and hygiene to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Malaria Nutrition Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

In 2023, USAID helped more than 92 million women and children access essential—and often lifesaving—care.

Preventing Child And Maternal Deaths: A Framework For Action In A Changing World, 2023-2030

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