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At USAID, we stand for the principle that no individual should be discriminated against, silenced, or attacked because of who they love or how they express themselves.
—USAID Administrator Samantha Power

USAID supports the enactment of robust protections, inclusion, and human rights for all LGBTQI+ individuals through “inclusive development,” an equitable development approach built on the understanding that every individual and community, of all diverse identities and experiences, is instrumental in the transformation of their own societies. 

Recognizing that locally led, LGBTQI+ inclusive development strengthens livelihoods, economies, and democracies, the LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy provides a blueprint for integrating LGBTQI+ individuals in USAID policy and programming.

2023 LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy



USAID affirms and celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) people and all people



 Lead through development diplomacy: Advance progress beyond programs



 Drive evidence-based policies and approaches: Strengthen responses through data



 Accelerate localized programming: Partner with communities as catalysts



 Improve crisis response through inclusion: Meet the moment

Principles for achieving these goals:

  • Be proactive while upholding the principle of “Do No Harm” 

  • Follow the lead of local LGBTQI+ activists and groups and act with humility and in allyship

  • See the full person and work to meet diverse needs

  • Understand the landscape, history, stakeholders, and what has worked

  • Recognize the need for targeting, tailoring, and differentiating LGBTQI+ Programs and that one size does not fit all

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