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One of the tools that USAID uses to co-create is the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).  The BAA is a solicitation method authorized under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 35 to acquire research and development.  BAAs can be an effective means to spur innovation in the pursuit of development objectives.


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Want to learn more about the BAA process? Listen to the recording of a short conference call from November 2017 that explains it.

Learn how the U.S. Government defines research and development and what USAID does to protect your competitive information.

BAA Defined

A Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is a method by which USAID solicits proposals for research and development (R&D). Instead of providing a specific statement of work, a BAA presents a problem statement and challenge in search of a solution.

In support of USAID’s Acquisition & Assistance Strategy, a BAA typically requires the submission of a brief expression of interest at the outset, reducing costs for potential partners. Innovation stimulated by BAAs can lead to the realization of development objectives and support host countries on their journey to self-reliance.


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For USAID’s internal policy on the use of BAAs see  Guidance for Broad Agency Announcements.

For additional information, see the Ukraine cybersecurity co-creation example, as well as USAID’s Acronym Soup video.

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