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On August 18, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Assistant Administrator for Asia Michael Schiffer unveiled the first of several new recycling bins provided to Suva City under a new grant aimed at reducing ocean plastic pollution.

Assistant Administrator Schiffer joined by WRFL CEO and PRF Founder Amitesh Deo, Fiji Development Bank CEO Saud Minam, Ministry of Local Government Minister Maciu Nalumisa, Azam Khan, CEO Suva City Council, Housing Authority CEO Ritesh Singh and two Collection Pillars of Recycling, Ms. Asinate Lewabeka and Ms. Salanieta Rogowalesi to unveil the first recycling bin provided under this grant, which was installed on the grounds of the Fiji Development Bank.

The grant is provided under USAID’s Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) program, USAID’s flagship global effort to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Notably, it is the first CCBO grant that USAID has awarded in the Pacific Island region. The grantees, Waste Recyclers Fiji Ltd. (WRFL) and Pacific Recycling Foundation (PRF), were funded to design and build I-Recycle Hub Bins – intentionally built waste containers that help encourage community members to practice recycling.

“USAID congratulates Waste Recyclers Fiji Ltd and Pacific Recycling Foundation on the launch of the I-Recycle Hub recycling bin at Fiji Development Bank,” said Assistant Administrator Schiffer. “We support Fiji’s efforts and initiatives to promote recycling by increasing public awareness of, and locally-led action toward, waste collection. Through CCBO, USAID is proud to support our local partners in Fiji and across the ‘big ocean’ states as they remain at the forefront of environmental protection.”

The I-Recycle Hub Bins are customized containers divided into three to five color-coded compartments for paper and cardboard, plastics, and cans, and hold up to three tons of recyclables. These bins will help simplify the collection of the Collection Pillars of Recycling (formerly known as informal waste collectors) and empower them economically and socially.

"The Collection Pillars of Recycling are very important in the waste value chain. Increasing their engagement is crucial while emphasizing and maintaining their dignity and to divert more plastics and other recyclables from the landfill and prevent these from leaking into the environment," said Amitesh Deo, CEO of WRFL and Founder of PRF. "The I-Recycle Hub Bins we’re launching in Suva City with USAID’s support aim to boost the community’s awareness and best practices of recycling.”

Waste Recyclers Fiji Pte Ltd is Fiji's only multi-stream recycling company with over 26-Years of experience, passionately committed to Fiji's environmental sustainability. The Pacific Recycling Foundation is an offshoot of WRLF and it is a rights-based organization specially formed to raise awareness on recycling and provide structured support to individuals or groups involved in informal waste collection in Fiji and the Pacific, particularly women and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

USAID Assistant Administrator for Asia Michael Schiffer, together with partners, unveiled the first of several new recycling bins provided to Suva City under a new grant aimed at reducing ocean plastic pollution.
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